Top Dogs series / 25+ videos

Download the BDBF 2020 Catalog for a full list of the videos in the series

Humorous and enjoyable countdown of the top dogs that have something in common.

The Top Dogs series is a funny and entertaining set of videos, presenting the top dogs that have something in common. There are 25 episodes in this video series. Each video is about 3-4 minutes long.

Being produced in the popular way of counting down, the Top Dogs series is very attractive content to have on your website. Due to their design, videos work perfectly as a branded material for social media. Videos come in 1080p FullHD quality.

The information has been put together to meet the requirements of many different people with unique interests, but all connected by the love for their dogs. Our series is audience tested and therefore we are able to guarantee a positive feedback from your website visitors and a strong support from your social media channels.

We can easily brand the intro and outro and video graphics.

List of top dogs:
Top Handbag Pooches
Top Roughest & Toughest Guard Dogs
Top Rare Breeds
Top Great Running Buddies
Top Dogs for the Apartment
Top Family-Friendly Dogs
Top Intelligent Dogs
Top Slow and Peaceful Dogs
Top Craziest Dogs
Top Dogs for a Small Companion
Top Aggressive Breeds
Top Dogs for Hunting
Top Dogs for Therapy
Top Dogs Who are Easy to Train
Top Dogs Who are Misunderstood
Top Rat-Catcher Dogs
Top Cat Lovers Dogs
Top Bundles of Doggy Energy
Top Loving Pooches
Top Dogs Who Live the Longest
Top Dogs to Take to the Office
Top Dogs for Older People
Top Low Maintenance Dogs
Top Dogs for Allergy Suffers
Top Dogs Who Nearly Didn’t Make it (saved from extinction)

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