How can we purchase the license for your video content?
You can currently purchase our videos by reaching out to us.

Here is a link to our projects: Projects
Here is a link to our online store: VideoPartner Video Content Store

How much does it cost to license your videos?
Pricing may vary depending on the number of videos you plan to purchase, the type of license you would like to acquire (non-exclusive, exclusive etc.) and other factors. Get in touch and we’ll work it out together.

Is there a limit to how many videos I could purchase from you?
No, there are no limits. If you would like to purchase just one video, it’s cool. If you would like to buy a set of 25, 50, 100, it’s cool too.

Do you have an online store?
Yes, but it’s not open yet. We will open the doors in the upcoming months.

Here is a link to our online store: VideoPartner Video Content Store

Is it possible to translate your videos into other languages?
Yes, yes and yes. What languages are we talking about? English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Kerewe, Tagalog, Mandarin or something else? You name it, we’ve got you covered.

Can I translate and localize the videos myself?
Yes, a lot of our partners have an in-house production team that could easily do that. In fact, the project files we provide with the videos, are so easy to change that it can be done within minutes.

Would it be possible to change the music on the videos?

That’s a great as it might sound easier said than done. Changing the music correctly means that the music and the editing should match one another. And browsing through our libraries and music archives until you feel that the beat will fit the story, takes attention from the video team. This is why we charge an hourly fee for this type of customization. If you are not satisfied with the music used, feel free to let us know. We can give you a quote estimate depending on the video series, the number of videos and music you want us to change and also if the music needed should be used from one of our partner libraries or it comes from other production partners. Depending on your budget and needs, it’s also possible to hire a composer to write 100% custom music for the intro and outro, for one specific video or for the entire project. Everything is possible 🙂

Is it possible to make video content exclusively for our brand?
Yes, please feel free to reach out to us with your ideas. We are always ready to produce exciting and meaningful video content and solve new challenges.

We produce and license unique digital and audio-visual video content for our clients all over the world. Our mission is to provide non-exclusive and/or geographically exclusive, high quality, innovative, localized and monetizable video content. We take care of everything, starting pre-production to post-production.

We can create any number of videos and also in any language you need. We also have a strong network of publishing companies, so we can even help you get this content in front of millions of viewers worldwide.

Can I add my company/website branding on the videos?
Yes, you can do that and we charge no extra fee for it. If you require additional custom work done then it may be possible for an additional cost.

Can I pay for the series in installments?

Do you sell videos also to our competitors?
Non-exclusive videos are sold worldwide to all the companies who appreciate great video content. Exclusive videos are only sold to you. Country-exclusive is not being sold to other companies in your operating or targeted country.
All our video series at the online shop are non-exclusive and are sold worldwide. If you would like to get exclusive videos which are only sold for you then you can order it from us. Special order will bring along separate video content, production, budget, schedule, pricing and other details which will be set in the Agreements.

Do you host the videos on your servers?
No, you host them on yours. We can advise you on finding the best platform for your company needs. You can also host them on our YouTube or Vimeo channel.

Can I upload these videos to our company Youtube channel?

If I upload to Youtube then my competitors can also use these videos?
Yes, they could in theory but they would be carrying your branding. If you wish to avoid such thing from happening then there are other solutions available. For example, you could use Vimeo and with Vimeo Pro, you can allow only certain sites to show your videos.

What other video providers do you suggest?
Youtube has several strong alternatives. Here are some to consider: Vimeo, Viddler, Brightcove, Vzaar, Ooyala.

How can I monetize these videos?
There are many different ways to make money by using our video series. For example, it’s easy to create new and significant revenue streams from advertising, sponsorship or even pay-per-view. Besides, we aim to provide video content ten times faster and ten times cheaper than a company could produce videos of similar quality on its own. So you’ll save some extra money, time and pressure.

How do your videos help my site perform better in Google and other search engines?
A video is a very strong tool when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But not only that. A video is great for marketing and we could help you find the best strategy. Don’t hesitate to ask.

What is included in the package? Only the video series or something more?
To find out what’s included in the license please feel free to contact us.
License does not permit you to copy, sell or rent our video series to a third party.

Do you have other series like “Pregnancy Calendar” for sale?
“Month by month development of a baby” videos are in development. If you would like to express your interest, find out more or to be alerted when they are available for sale then please contact us.

Content concern about “Pregnancy Calendar”:
When your calendar says that the baby size is X and in our region, the number is Y how would you solve this problem? Is it a problem?

This is not a problem. The statistics and data may vary country by country or region by region and we make the necessary changes during the localization process.

Didn’t find the answer to the question you have in mind?
Send us an email with your question(s) and we’ll reply as fast as we can with all the information you need or Check our Website.