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We are 100% focused on creating amazing parenting videos delivering new users and branding benefits creating significant profit to our partners around the world.

If you run a women’s or parenting website then you already know this…
…pregnancy calendar information is among the most important and well-read content of any parenting website.

According to reports, the majority of first-time pregnant women have watched an online video in the past month and a lot of them say their interest in online video has increased because they have less time. As a result, mothers are more focused on a video that will teach them something they need to know.

You probably also realize that internet video is booming and is set to dominate the way people will consume content online for years to come.

We have produced unique, educative and highly attractive videos about pregnancy. Our customizable videos help expecting parents understand everything they need to know from week one through to birth.

Series: Pregnancy calendar
No. of episodes: 40
Short description: Pregnancy calendar videos help parents to understand everything they need to know from week one through to birth. For each week of pregnancy, we have a matching video.
Duration of the episode: 2-3 minutes
Format: 1920×1080 FullHD

Watch the trailer now:

Description of the Pregnancy calendar series:

Pregnancy calendar information is among the most important and well-read content of any parenting website. The week by week video series is about pregnancy, bringing fresh and highly attractive content to your customers and visitors. The series takes you on a journey where one can learn about pregnancy and what to expect when you’re expecting. Almost 2 hours of attractively presented educational material in total, the video series is divided into 40 videos, one video for every week. Every week is divided into 3 sections: The Baby, The Mother and The Tips and Suggestions for that particular week.

Content has been put together by a team of professionals (doctors, midwives, hospitals, healthcare department etc.) and it’s up to date with the latest know-how in the field. The video series is created in full HD quality by top marketing experts and video gurus to offer the best experience.

Videos can be adjusted specifically for every client (branding, voiceover language, text on videos etc.) to help one develop the brand and maximize the investment.

The sample chapter in English:

The sample chapter in Estonian:

The sample chapter in Russian:

About Pregnancy Calendar video series team

The VideoPartner Pregnancy Calendar video series team is an ambitious and experienced group of medical, video and internet marketing professionals supported by talented actors, models, animators, and editors.

Meet the Key People:
1. Kaarel Veike – Team Leader and CEO
Kaarel is an experienced web developer & strategist, passionate video maker, father of two and is also the founder and leader of, the leading parenting website in Estonia. He has traveled extensively and studied international attitudes to parenting.
Connect with Kaarel on LinkedIn
2. Dr Marek Šois – Fetal Development Consultant
Dr Šois is a member of Estonian Gynaecologist Society and owner of the Fetal Ultrasound Centre in Tallinn, Estonia. He studied at Harris Birthright Research Centre for Fetal Medicine, King’s College Hospital, London, UK) and holds the international FMF (Fetal Medicine Foundation) license.
3. Silja Staalfeldt-Rahumägi – Midwife & Video Content Consultant
Silja’s role is to ensure the content in the video episodes are factually correct and promotes well-being in expectant mothers. She is the head midwife at East Tallinn Central Hospital and Head of the Breastfeeding Community of EU in Estonia. Silja has also studied and worked in Stockholm, Sweden.

Benefits to our partners

Firstly you will gain significant marketing advantages including new visitors and extra views for your sponsors and advertisers when you incorporate pregnancy calendar videos into your website. More visitors, spending more time online, gives you increased advertising and sponsorship revenue and new sales opportunities too.

Consider these points: Three mothers in living room with babies and coffee smiling
1. Top content – We all know that content is king and video content is surely becoming the king of kings. Pregnancy Calendar is one of the most important parts of the parenting websites content. Almost every pregnant woman learns about pregnancy from pregnancy calendars. Top midwives and doctors recommend women to visit websites about pregnancy and parenting. Our new pregnancy calendar has no matching alternative out there.
2. The videos can be optimized to attract more searches for pregnancy calendars, and other related terms, from Google.
3. Pregnant women love the content – we know, they have told us.
4. Your clients tell their friends about the content. Word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing.
5. Your clients will spend longer on your website.
6. Your clients will come back, again and again – it’s the best way to grow the habit of visiting your site/app for pregnancy and parenting related content.
7. Exceptional and original content enhances your brand and its reputation.

If you incorporate VideoPartner’s Pregnancy Calendar Videos into your website you will:
1. Deliver exclusive, original and highly attractive content to your customers and visitors.
2. Attract new, profitable, revenue streams from the monetization of the videos.
3. Gain significant marketing advantages including new visitors and extra views for your sponsors and advertisers.
4. Have a simple plug and play solution without IT headaches. When an agreement has been made to buy our videos, we give you a free consultation including suggestions about how to get up and running in the quickest and most painless way.

If you choose to incorporate our pregnancy calendar videos into your website you will be helping your company make money fast.

There are three simple ways our videos help you to increase your profits:
1. Increase Your Sales Through Video Monetization
Pregnancy calendar content is very popular with users – and advertisers or sponsors.
When you incorporate pregnancy calendar videos you will have new revenue streams from more products to sell. For example, pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll advertisements, special sponsorship packages, display ads on the same page as the video and ads in email alerts containing links to video content. You could also pay per view options.
2. Increase Your Profit Margins – Video Ads Command Premium Rates
Because the cost of our videos is so low it means that the return on investment begins much quicker. So profits appear relatively fast. Once the initial investment has been covered, the revenue flow, and profit, from selling video advertising is significant.
Video ads generally command premium rates from advertisers.
3. Reducing Your Costs
It cost us a lot of money to make this video series. It would cost you a similar amount if you tried to do the same. But you don’t have to. By buying our pregnancy calendar videos will save around 90% of the cost compared to filming your own.

Outsourcing video content saves money because you don’t have to:
3.1. Provide expensive salaries and benefits for new video specialist employees.
3.2. Hire even more expensive freelance/temporary workers for a one-off project.
3.3. Give current employees specialized training so they can complete certain projects.

Making the decision to put high-quality pregnancy calendar video content on your website is a smart one but how fast it happens is important. Time is money after all. VideoPartners pregnancy calendar videos are ready for rapid deployment: they just need localization first.

The following activities need to be completed before the content can go live on your website:

  • Dubbing the audio (dialogues and voiceovers)
  • Translating texts/captions that appear in the videos
  • Adding your branding/logo at suitable locations
  • Choosing and installing the platform to run the videos
  • Uploading and “tagging” the videos.

Our process, including a free consultancy service, is geared to getting these tasks completed fast.

In Development:

We have two new parenting video series already under development: “Month by Month Development of A Baby” and “Parenting Know­-How”. “Month by Month Development of a Baby” consists of 16 videos and covers the amazing first year of a baby’s development – from the first time a mother lays eyes on her newborn child through to their first steps. “Parenting Know-How” is the parents’ video bible. A series of 50+ episodes covering all the tips, tricks, and facts a parent needs to know to help their child develop to its potential. If you would like to register your interest in either of these two new parenting video series then please contact us.

The VideoPartner pregnancy Calendar Video series delivers exclusive, original and highly attractive content to your customers and visitors.

If you have heard enough already and want to talk business then please contact us.