Baby Food Video Series

Download the BBFS 2020 Catalog for a full list of the videos in the series

Review of evidence has shown that exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months is the optimal way of feeding infants. Our videos are guidelines for parents what foods to start to give their baby’s starting from 6th month. Our video content is based on WHO guidelines.

Simple recipes, informative presentation and a tiny tip at the end of each video. We have 50 different recipes, each of which had been cooked by a professional chef but is easy for parents to make. Each video is about one minute in duration.

Besides video, you will get an article and high-quality photos for ease of publishing. Our videos are easily localizable. You can translate and localize videos yourself or we can do it for you. The project files are in English. Also, your company logo or website branding can be added to the videos.

#BF001 Tofu sticks – Marinated tofu cheese sticks with peanut butter sauce
#BF002 Cranberry bites – Fruit and berry snack with nuts and coconut flour
#BF003 Avocado and kiwi puree – Well balanced fruit puree full of fiber
#BF004 Baked pear – Pear backed with water, suitable for the first solid dish
#BF005 Yogurt parfait – Layered dessert with a plant-based yogurt
#BF006 Cucumber wheels – Cucumber circles with chickpeas and beetroot topping
#BF007 Prune puree – Well balanced fruit puree full of vitamins and fiber
#BF008 Broccoli soup – Vegetable soup with oregano
#BF009 Spelt and berry pudding – Filling pudding suitable for babies from 6 months
#BF010 Broccoli and pear puree – Tasty vegetable puree with fruit added for better taste
#BF011 Seabuckthorn and carrot puree – Cinnamon spiced vegetable and berries puree
#BF012 Pumpkin risotto – Sweet risotto with pumpkin and apple
#BF013 Cherry and beetroot smoothie – Coconut milk based smoothie with cherry, beetroot and chia seeds
#BF014 Rice pudding with persimmon – Basmati rice and persimmon pudding spiced with vanilla and cinnamon
#BF015 Pumpkin pie smoothie – Baked pumpkin, banana, yogurt and flax seeds smoothie
#BF016 Almond yogurt and cherry puree – Baked butternut squash with almond yogurt and cherry puree
#BF017 Quinoa and berry yogurt – Quinoa based meal with fruits and berries
#BF018 Tortilla bites – Sweet fruity snack
#BF019 Couscous and strawberry yogurt – Couscous cooked in juice, then put with strawberries and yogurt layer after layer
#BF020 Mango dessert – Semolina cooked in mango puree and orange juice
#BF021 Carrot and oat stew – Oat based soft carrot stew
#BF022 Golden puree – Sweet and nutritiously valued mix vegetable puree
#BF023 Sweet potato stew with orange yogurt – Soft and creamy sweet potato stew
#BF024 Pineapple and lentil stew – Filling stew with unusual but impressive ingredients
#BF025 Melon and cauliflower (Tummy soother) – Melon and cauliflower mix spiced with ginger
#BF026 Celery sticks – Fresh celery snack with spiced white bean spread
#BF027 Zucchini and blueberry puree – Zucchini puree with a strong fruity taste
#BF028 Apple and spinach puree – a steamed mix of apple, spinach, and peas
#BF029 Red rice and banana puree – Unpeeled baked bananas with boiled red rice spiced with cinnamon
#BF030 Green hummus – Hummus made from young soybeans and a selection of peas topped with lemon juice and turmeric
#BF031 Sweet and green puree – Sweet potato and white bean puree with kale
#BF032 Spinach muffin – Barley flour based spinach and applesauce muffins
#BF033 Apricot puree (A very yellow meal) – Steam cooked dried apricots, apple and banana puree
#BF034 Raspberry and banana smoothie (Red smoothie) – Coconut water-based raspberry, apple, and banana smoothie
#BF035 Cranberry couscous – Couscous with a sauce of olive oil and lemon juice filled with cranberries
#BF036 Carrot and coconut stew – Spiced coconut milk stew with carrots and onion
#BF037 Berry popsicles – Light and iced berry dessert with yogurt and mint
#BF038 Baked porridge – Oats baked with soy milk, fruit and berry flour
#BF039 Fruit cups – Baked tortilla cups filled with yogurt and berries
#BF040 Triple berry smoothie – Juice based smoothie with a variety of berries
#BF041 Vegetable puree – Naturally sweetened vegetable puree with thyme
#BF042 Tomato soup – Thick tomato soup with carrots, banana, and basil
#BF043 Berry custard – Light and quick dessert with your baby’s favorite berries
#BF044 Asparagus puree – Steamed asparagus, potatoes, and leek mixed together
#BF045 Turnip and corn puree – Boiled turnip, corn and potato puree
#BF046 Belgian waffle bites – Attractive and tasty snack with fresh fruits
#BF047 Fruit smoothie dessert – Dried apricots soaked in juice and blended with mango and banana
#BF048 Berry and chia oats – Porridge topped with a berry and chia seeds sauce
#BF049 Green smoothie – Almond milk based avocado and pineapple smoothie
#BF050 Baby lasagne – Vegetable lasagne with zucchini and carrot