If you are looking for video content, congrats, you’ve come to the right place!

About us

We produce and license unique digital and audio-visual video content for our clients all over the world. Our purpose is to provide non-exclusive and/or geographically exclusive, high quality, innovative, localized and monetizable video content. We take care of everything in all stages of video creation (pre-production, production and post-production). 

We are constantly working on the new video series. Our partners always get the information about our new series first hand. 

Speed matters: We can offer you instant delivery. Our project files are ready to use and you can download them easily. If you want to localize it then you can do it easily within just minutes.

Quality matters: Content is king and our content has been co-created in partnerships with different professionals. We co-operate with medical and healthcare professionals, pre-school teachers, parents, pregnant mothers and different kennel clubs etc. According to the project we always have a strong team and we involve various specialists for advising. Additional to all our specialists we also co-create with content advisors. Our purpose is to offer high-quality and meaningful video content.

Trust matters: Our video content is correct. Accurate. Verified.

Our Vision
Our vision is to create video content, which would make people smarter and their life easier. At the same time, it will teach, develop and inspire to go further. It will work as a background force so that life would be filled with positive vibrations which unnoticeably direct people to make better choices and appreciate time for oneself and with their families.

Our Mission
We are making a life for the client much easier as we are taking away the headache of creating video content on educational parenting tricks. We will involve experts and work on the background info and as a result, we bring ready-to-use video content for the client. It will be easy to use on the webpage and adjust it according to the viewers. Through the content, we help the client to give their readers inspirational and high-quality experience. Thanks to that, our client is more successful and helps them in achieving more sales.

About our clients and partners

We would like to thank all our clients and partners!

VideoPartner is committed to delivering the highest possible level of quality to our clients because they are the center of our attention. 

About the production and principles

Our video content is well thought out. We have done research to find out what is popular and timeless and what people search on the internet. In every video series, we use specialists to offer you good, educating and approved content. For example, we used doctors to create pregnancy calendar content and we used different kennel clubs to put together dog breeds video series. We can give you a guarantee that our video content is approved by professionals.