If you are looking for video content, congrats, you’ve come to the right place!

About us

VideoPartner Limited is a marketing-video-content company based in Europe. We produce and license unique digital and audio-visual video content for our clients all over the world. We are passionate about good content and we understand that online video is the future.

Our purpose is to provide non-exclusive and/or geographically exclusive, high quality, innovative, localized and monetizable video content. We take care of everything, starting pre-production to post-production. We also market informative content for digital video platforms, social media, and online portals. We aim to provide video content ten times faster and ten times cheaper than a company could produce videos of similar quality on its own.

We are constantly working on the new video series. Our partners always get the information about our new series first hand. Voice of our customers is very important to us and we appreciate all the feedback for them. We cooperate with our partners. They always can suggest new ideas and topics for us. We work, grow and evolve hand in hand.

Speed matters: We can offer you instant delivery. Our project files are ready to use and you can download them easily. If you want to localize it then you can do it easily within just minutes.

Quality matters: Content is king and our content has been co-created in partnerships with different professionals. We co-operate with medical and healthcare professionals, pre-school teachers, parents, pregnant mothers and different kennel clubs etc. According to the project we always have a strong team and we involve various specialists for advising. Additional to all our specialists we also co-create with content advisors. Our purpose is to offer high-quality and meaningful video content.

Profit matters: When you incorporate our videos you will have new revenue streams from more products to sell. For example, pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll advertisements, special sponsorship packages, display ads on the same page as the video and ads in email alerts containing links to video content.

Flexibility matters: Our project files are non-exclusive but we can offer you an exclusive and custom video series. With your cooperation and prompt approvals, your own final customized and branded video series can be ready to go live in just no more than 8 weeks.

Trust matters: Our video content is correct. Accurate. Verified.

Here are a few things we would like to list for you:

    • A video is the most preferred format for content consumption.
    • Due to the popularity of mobile devices, the video is also on the constant rise. It’s easy to enjoy our videos through mobile devices.
    • Our videos offer a long-term value. They are made as timeproof as possible.
    • Videos also bring attention to your other formats of content (text, images etc.).
    • Video content is a highly effective marketing tool.
    • Our videos perform well on social media.
    • Videos help to raise the time spent on site + it gives you the extra 2 mins dwell time.
    • Boost your SEO with our videos.
  • Thanks to the video ad sales, the other ad solutions may also get a boost.

Our Vision
Our vision is to create video content, which would make people smarter and their life easier. At the same time, it will teach, develop and inspire to go further. It will work as a background force so that life would be filled with positive vibrations and unnoticeably directs people to make better choices and appreciate time for oneself and with their families.

Our Mission
We are making a life for the client much easier as we are taking away the headache of creating video content on educational parenting tricks. We will involve experts and work on the background info and as a result, we bring ready-to-use video content for the client. It will be easy to use on the webpage and adjust it according to the viewers. Through the content, we help the client to give their readers inspirational and high-quality experience. Thanks to that, our client is more successful and helps them in achieving more sales.

About our clients and partners

We would like to thank all our clients and partners!

Our clients and partners are at the Heart of our business.

We cooperate with many big and small companies all around the world. For example circa 150-year-old company in Northern Europe or media groups with billions of euros of yearly revenues. We also love to work with small family portals who have small teams and who can get support from us. They can rely on our strong content and the know-how in the general video segment.

VideoPartner is committed to delivering the highest possible level of quality to our clients because they are the center of our attention. We highly appreciate their feedback, as it enables us to serve them more efficiently by aligning our strategy with their reality.

About the production and principles

Our video content is well thought out. We have done research to find out what is popular and timeless and what people search on the internet. In every video series, we use specialists to offer you good, educating and approved content. For example, we used doctors to create pregnancy calendar content and we used different kennel clubs to put together dog breeds video series. We can give you a guarantee that our video content is approved by professionals.

We understand that the online video is the future. When you incorporate our videos you will have new revenue streams from more products to sell. Videos help to raise the time spent on site. The video is a highly effective marketing tool. We are here to build a long-term relationship with our clients. We are committed to providing high-quality products that will accomplish our clients’ goals quickly, efficiently, and professionally.

About the Music licenses

We would like to thank all our music partners!

Our main music partner is Apollo Music. Apollo Music is part of a bigger vision called Apollo Entertainment Group. Apollo Music was founded in 1979 in Denmark and in 2004 it became the first company in the world to release a digital music search system. Apollo Music believes that all media creatives, vloggers, and video magicians should have easy access to high-quality music no matter the budget.

We also have unlimited user rights to use different music banks and we have access to our partners’ archive. We can use millions of high-quality, well-known, multicultural tracks and we can make a right choice depending on a content.

About other licenses (Material etc.)

Material: Our main treasure is our raw footage, ready-to-use clips, and our products. The creation is from beginning to end our work.

EPK: We have permissions to use the EPK (Electronic Press Kit) material from all of the largest studios which are in our production.

We have years of experience in producing videos globally. Our partners can feel safe and entirely rely on us in all aspects of legal terms to the content quality in general.