Frequently Asked Questions


I like your videos, how can I get them?

You can currently purchase our videos by reaching out to us. Online store for ready-made content is coming soon. How soon? We don’t know, yet.


How much does a video cost?

Pricing depends on a number of videos you plan to purchase, the type of license you would like to acquire (non-exclusive, exclusive etc.), the country you would like to target these videos to (localizations costs vary from country to country) and other factors. Get in touch and we’ll sort it out together.


Is it possible to translate your videos into other languages?

Yes, yes and yes. What languages are we talking about? English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Kikerewe, Llogoori or something else? You name it, we got you covered.


Can I translate and localise the videos myself?

Yes, a lot of our partners have an in-house production team that could easily do that. In fact, the project files we provide with the videos, are so easy to change that it can be done within minutes.

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