Kaarel Veike


Make the stars shine

Well who would have thought that you could make the stars shine? But it is possible, at least it feels like it’s possible at this moment. But we’ll find out soon enough. On 6th of december VideoPartner will present it’s videoarticle project to SwedBank “Make the Stars Shine” judges and audience. Our company was selected from few hundred projects that were sent to this competition. So now we are in the top finalists and we are crazy excited about what the judges have to say :-). I feel so positive and elated that at this moment i believe that one could make stars shine and not only shine but shine even brighter!

What’s happening at VideoPartner?

Here at VideoPartner HQ we have a lot going on. Unfortunately I can’t go over everything in detail but I will list out some interesting things for you anyway:

  • VideoPartner bought new equipment. Thank you EAS for backing us up.
  • We did a video interview with Marju Lauristin – a true legend
  • Also shot the clips for a conference named “Isa või isane”
  • Finished new ultrasound video about the fetus anatomy scan that is performed on the 18-22 week of pregnancy
  • Modified our packaging ads for Italian company EasyPack Solutions
  • Have started to work on new videos in partnership with Eesti Lugemisühing and Arengukeskus Avitus

So this is what we had at hand in the end of this october. We hope that november will be just as productive.